Fun for Everyone!
Want to race your ride on The South Georgia Motorsports Park ¼ mile? You can! Read the information
below to learn all the in's and outs of the process to get you and your vehicle race ready.

Join us all season for multiple options to drive on our drag strip.
We look forward to getting to know you this season!

The Event Hotline phone number is 229.896.7000
During regular business hours, Technical Questions should be directed to the track offices at 229.896.7000
(Monday – Thursday, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM)

What kind of vehicle can race?
Any car or motorcycle that passes an NHRA Technical Inspection Plus street legal daily drivers
(Tag & License) can run the ¼ mile on Friday Night

What is a "Christmas Tree"?
It is the system of lights that lets a racer know when to accelerate and run down the drag strip. The top four bulbs
are the Pre Stage lights. Each side of the track has two Pre Stage and two Stage bulbs. The Pre Stage lights let the
driver and their opponent know they are almost to the starting line and nearing the start of the race. The Stage lights
let each driver and the starting line officials know the racers are ready and in position to begin.

Three, L.E.D. amber bulbs then follow the Pre Stage and Stage lights.

Next, is the green light or red light, depending on whether the driver left at the right time or too early.

Is there a limit on the age of the vehicle?

Can someone ride in the passenger seat?
No co-pilots.

How long is the drag strip?
A quarter-mile.. Friday Night is set for ¼ mile runs

What is the minimum and maximum ages for racers?
A driver must have a valid state or government driver’s license.

What time do the events end?
Friday Test and Tune events end at 11pm unless otherwise written.

What if I want to join NHRA?
Visit NHRA.com

Where can I learn more about drag racing?
Call about The Driven2Win Drag Racing School